Bus Accident Involving Fatigued Driver

by Monty Yolles on December 24, 2012

Maryland Bus Accident

A group of teachers went on an exciting ride that was not on the agenda recently while traveling from Delaware to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.  A charter bus driver apparently fell asleep at the wheel causing the bus to careen off the roadway and up an embankment.

The rough ride woke the driver and he regained control, stopping the bus on the shoulder of the road.  Emergency personnel treated one serious injury and ten relatively minor injuries.  The folks who went for a ride on this bus will probably think twice before signing up for another group outing.

We put our safety in the hands of strangers when we travel on any kind of bus or public transportation.  Safety standards, such as commercial drivers’ licenses, should give us a sense of security, but safety standards are not always followed properly and cannot prevent every accident.

Each and every transportation company, like the charter bus company in this story, must take steps to ensure passenger safety.  When safety standards are not enforced, accidents happen.  A business who does not implement all applicable safety measures should be held responsible in order to reiterate the importance of passenger safety, and as a reminder to all businesses who bear responsibility for the safety of passengers and participants.

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