Hospital Worker Infects Several with Hepatitis C

by Monty Yolles on December 14, 2012

Hepatitis C from Infected Hospital Worker

Hundreds of people across Maryland are scrambling to their doctor’s office to find out if they’ve been infected with Hepatitis C. The reason for the scare is a former medical technician David Kwiatkowski.  Kwiatkowski, a traveling hospital worker worked at Johns Hopkins Hospital, the Baltimore VA Medical Center, Southern Maryland Hospital, and Maryland General Hospital.  He is alleged to have stolen narcotic filled syringes, used them on himself, then refilling the syringes with saline solution and leaving them behind to be used on patients.

To date, five confirmed cases of Hepatitis C have been linked to Kwiatkowski.

During his time at Johns Hopkins, Kwiatkowski was employed by Medical Solutions, a staffing agency that provides contract medical technicians.  Johns Hopkins claims they require diligent vetting of technicians, and received no warning about Kwiatkowski.

A hospital can’t watch all of its employees all the time.  However, when it comes to patients’ health and safety, special procedures should be in place to prevent a rogue worker from spreading a dangerous disease.

Clearly, someone dropped the ball by allowing Kwiatkowski unfettered access to controlled narcotics in multiple locations.  Tighter security, at a minimum, must be implemented in hospitals to prevent another situation like this in the future.

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