Illinois Man wins $32 Million Judgment in Workplace Lawsuit

by Monty Yolles on January 15, 2013

In most industrial settings if you look hard enough you will find a yellow binder marked with bright red letters reading “MSDS”. MSDS stands for Material Safety Data Sheets and are required by OSHA to be available to any worker who might be exposed to a chemical at his or her workplace.

An Illinois man found out the hard way that his company did not always provide the necessary safety information.  For years he worked in a plant that manufactures an artificial butter flavoring commonly found on microwave popcorn and other products. As it turned out, the company had information that lab rats exposed to the chemical developed a serious lung disease. Consequently the man developed bronchiolitis obliterans and his lung capacity is down to 25% of normal function.

All of the companies named in his lawsuit settled, except for BASF.  BASF decided to take their chances at trial, which they lost to the tune of $32 million.  The jury found BASF was negligent for failing to protect workers from unnecessary risks. While the case has been sent back for retrial due to a statute of limitations issue, the facts remain the same. The company knew of the hazard and failed to properly warn or protect employees.

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