Is Anyone Accountable for the Wrongful Death of My Loved One?

by Monty Yolles on October 1, 2012

One of the most devastating events a person can experience is the death of a loved one. When the death is the result of an unexpected, tragic event, the pain and stress can be debilitating for surviving family members and friends.

The grieving process is different for everyone. The depth of your grief will be related to the closeness of your relationship, how recently you enjoyed a close relationship, and perhaps how long the relationship endured. It is reasonable to expect those closest to a person to feel the greatest loss in his or her absence.

Survivors commonly struggle with questions such as why the tragedy happened in the first place and why the loved one was present at that moment. Survivors who were also involved in the accident may wonder why their lives were spared. These questions are not easy to answer, but they are a normal part of the grieving process.

One question that may have an answer is why the tragedy happened. Finding this answer and pursuing justice for the wrongful death of your loved one may help you find closure and help ensure that another family does not suffer the same tragedy.

In Maryland, a surviving spouse, child, parent, sibling or financial dependent may bring a lawsuit to recover money for the negligent or willful misconduct that caused the wrongful death of a loved one. A wrongful death action may arise from any type of accidental death caused by another’s negligence.

Often, monetary damages include not only the actual expenses related to the injury and death, but also an amount meant to replace the income your loved one would have produced for the remainder of their natural life. Additional monetary damages may be awarded for the loss of your loved one’s care, comfort, love, guidance, supervision, home assistance and general society, as well as for the survivor’s personal grief and suffering.

Deciding whether to pursue an action in court for the wrongful death of your loved one is a decision you should discuss with a qualified, compassionate attorney. Monty Yolles, founder of THE YOLLES LEGAL GROUP, is experienced in helping clients navigate the Maryland legal system. Call Monty Yolles today at (301)670-0443 to discuss your case, or send an email inquiry to

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