Jury Awards $591,000 in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

by Monty Yolles on January 17, 2013

The family of a deceased 22 year old University of Wisconsin-Stout student was recently awarded $591,000 for the wrongful death of their son.  The family’s relief was not in the financial award, but in the legal acknowledgment that the defendants were finally being held responsible for their son’s death.

In September of 2010, while at a Menomonie bar, the late Bradley Simon had a disagreement with a member of the UW-Stout hockey team.  As Simon attempted to leave the bar, he was chased by the defendants, who were also members of the UW-Stout hockey team.  Simon crashed his bicycle into a concrete barrier.  The resulting serious head injuries later claimed his life.

Simon’s family alleged that one of the defendants pushed him, which caused Simon to crash into the concrete barrier.  It was also alleged that the defendants and their teammates consumed over 100 shots of alcohol during the evening.

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