Kubota Recalls Off-Road Utility Vehicles Due to Carbon Monoxide Hazard

by Monty Yolles on November 14, 2012

Kubota Recalls Offroad Vehicles

Overall safety of off-road vehicles has improved greatly in the last 30 years, but unexpected problems can still crop up.  Far fewer people own off-road vehicles than cars, so we don’t always hear about recalls when one of these products poses a safety threat.  If you know anyone with an off-road vehicle, give them a heads up about this important recall by Kubota.

Kubota Manufacturing of America Corporation, of Gainesville, Georgia has issued a recall for its Kubota RTV500 off-road utility vehicle with cab. The utility vehicle poses a safety hazard because carbon monoxide can accumulate in the vehicle cab when the engine is idling and the vehicle is not moving, resulting in carbon monoxide poisoning of any occupants.

The 4×4 utility vehicle has side-by-side seating for two people, a small cargo bed and an optional cab. The vehicle is gasoline-powered and may be orange or camouflage-colored. The model number “RTV500” can be found on the doors of the vehicle. “Kubota” and “4×4” are on the outside of the cargo bed.

About 970 of the off-road utility vehicles were sold at authorized Kubota dealers nationwide between September 2008 and April 2012 at prices ranging from $12,900 to $13,200.   Consumers can contact a Kubota dealer to schedule a free repair of the recalled vehicle, including the installation of a high-velocity exhaust tail pipe, the installation of special seals inside the cab and a check of the ventilating system.

Visit the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission’s recalled products website for more information.  

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