Man with Down Syndrome Dies in Police Custody

by Monty Yolles on February 1, 2013

Robert Ethan Saylor, age 26, died Saturday after being forcibly removed from Regal Cinemas Westview Stadium 16 inFrederick,Maryland. Saylor, who had Down syndrome, refused to leave the theater after seeing a movie, prompting the theater staff to call the authorities.

Upon arrival, off-duty officers Lt. Scott Jewell, Sgt. Rich Rochford, and Deputy First Class James Harris attempted to coax Saylor to either leave or buy another ticket. When Saylor refused and cursed at the officers, the officers handcuffed Saylor briefly.  Before reaching the exit, Saylor began having a medical emergency. The officers removed the handcuffs and called for medical help, and Saylor was rushed toFrederickMemorialHospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Since the investigation is still under way, it is unknown whether the officers bear any responsibility for the death of this young man.  It is certainly a tragic story and our thoughts are with this young man’s family.

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