Pradaxa Contraindicated for Heart Valve Recipients

by Monty Yolles on January 16, 2013

To get an idea of the scope of problems with the drug Pradaxa, you need only look at the 138 lawsuits already filed against its makers. The cases are currently being consolidated into a Multi-District Litigation (MDL) case.

Pradaxa is marketed as a blood thinner but is known to cause internal bleeding and hemorrhaging. These complications have resulted in an estimated 260 deaths.

As if the potential complications were not bad enough, a European clinical trial was halted when they discovered people with mechanical heart valves were suffering an abnormal number of strokes, heart attacks and blood clots.

The reported deaths allegedly linked to Pradaxa, along with the European clinical issues, prompted the FDA to require the makers to issue new warnings concerning the increased risks of cardio complications with the use of Pradaxa, and to require a label that Pradaxa is contraindicated for people with mechanical heart valves.

In the quest to put the next miracle drug on the market, drug companies may not always fully investigate the risks associated with new drugs. If you or someone you know has suffered a cardio event that may be related to the use of Pradaxa, contact us today.  You may be entitled to compensation for your or your loved one’s injuries.

The Yolles Legal Group is dedicated to restoring people’s lives by helping injured patients recover monetary damages.  Monty Yolles, founder of The Yolles Legal Group, is an experienced Maryland personal injury attorney who can review your case and help you navigate the legal system on your road to recovery.  Call Monty Yolles today at (301)670-0443 to discuss your case, or send an email inquiry to

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