VA Medical Center Settles Wrongful Death Suit for $500,000

by Monty Yolles on January 14, 2013

A 59 year old veteran went to a VA Medical Center for hernia repair surgery. Little did he know the procedure would cost him his life due to an error made by an inexperienced surgeon.

Most of us expect a surgeon to be fully qualified and very experienced in the particular procedure he or she is about to perform on you.  Not so in this case.

The surgeon who performed the surgical procedure had only recently received his license, and was performing his first solo hernia repair.

The surgeon inadvertently made a cut in the veteran’s intestines which allowed the contents of his bowels to leak into his abdomen. The mistake went unnoticed for several days, by which time the man had become seriously ill.  He died from the infections that followed.

The trust we place in our medical providers should not be taken lightly.  We have to wonder whether saving money by hiring unqualified surgeons or patient care is more important to the Veteran’s Administration.  Hopefully, this incident will cause the VA to be more diligent in choosing surgeons in the future.

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