Who May Be Liable For Your Car Accident Injuries? Part 1

by Monty Yolles on October 15, 2012

Who Is Liable for Your Injuries?

Depending on the circumstances of the accident, more than one person or business might be liable to you for monetary damages related to your injuries.  A person may sue multiple defendants at one time, so it is usually advisable to include every person or business that might be liable as a defendant.  In this article we will discuss the driver’s liability versus the owner’s liability when the driver was not the owner of the vehicle.

The driver of the other vehicle is the first obvious defendant who may be held liable for his own negligence. 

If more than one other vehicle was involved in the accident, then the driver of the other vehicle may be liable as well.  This is where the theory of joint and several liability comes into play.  Joint and several liability means the injured party can obtain a full monetary recovery from suing one negligent party or all of them. 

In some cases, the driver of the vehicle was not the owner.  Generally, the owner is not liable for the driver’s negligence, but there are several exceptions to that rule. 

If the owner gave his consent for the driver to drive the owner’s vehicle, then the owner may be liable. 

One theory for holding the owner liable for injuries caused by a driver of his vehicle is negligent entrustment.  If an owner negligently entrusts his vehicle to someone with knowledge that the person is impaired or unable to drive safely or otherwise might not be a safe driver, then the owner can be held liable.

Likewise, if the owner is a passenger in the in the vehicle and the driver displays negligent behavior, then the owner has a duty to intervene and stop the driver from driving his vehicle further.  If the owner fails to act, then he may be liable to third parties for injuries caused by the driver’s negligence.

Another instance where an owner may be liable for the injuries caused by a driver is when liability is statutorily conferred on the owner. 

Since every case is fact-specific, you should consult with an experienced personal injury attorney to evaluate the facts related to your case and help you choose the right course of action. 

At The Yolles Legal Group, we will fight for your rights and seek monetary damages if you were injured due to another person or company’s negligence.  Monty Yolles, founder of THE YOLLES LEGAL GROUP, is an experienced Maryland personal injury attorney who can review your case and help you navigate the legal system on your road to recovery.  Call Monty Yolles today at (301)670-0443 to discuss your case, or send an email inquiry to monty@yolleslaw.com.

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