Woman Dies After Being Hit by a Car in the McDonald’s Parking Lot

by Monty Yolles on January 21, 2013

Beulah Mills died last Tuesday morning after being struck by a motor vehicle while crossing the McDonald’s parking lot in Townson, Maryland. The 63-year-old was walking from a nearby Rite Aid to McDonald’s to meet a friend, which is a common practice for many retired or nearly-retired people in Townson.

As Mrs. Mills crossed the drive-thru lane, a teenager driving a Lincoln MKS struck Mills and pinned her underneath the car. The teenage driver stopped and assisted investigators. Though the woman was fatally injured, it is currently uncertain whether the driver will face criminal charges.

Whether or not the driver faces criminal charges, his parents may face civil claims from Mrs. Mills’ family for her death.  A traffic accident is certainly a tragic way to lose a loved one.

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